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, with russia today, with the bbc and cnn international. there has been a procession in the developing world -- a perception in the developing world that media has been dominated by cnn and bbc. i think there has been in the last 10 years a situation where a lot of countries including china are saying that we need to have part of this pie. we need to be able to present alternatives to what the bbc and cnn and the big players are doing. host: here is an e-mail -- let's take a look at a clip from a show called 24-china about asians in america. >> the u.s. asian population has risen in recent years at rates rarely reveled in america. as a modern immigration wave that pushed the group from less than 1% of the population in 1965 to a record 18. million in 2011, more than five- fold increase. host: was that story of interest? guest: that is from our correspondent and los angeles. essentially, a lot of stories that involve asia and americans are very much part of the agenda of cctv news. the survey that that piece came out of was that the asian- american community is now the largest community -- m
that was taking place last thursday. host: dennis has something to say about this, saying that cnn and fox bought a report on health care, saying that they were not about news, but about spain. saying that it is blame time for cnn and their dismal ratings. back to the issue of this los angeles times -- "the l.a. times" editorial. cindy, good morning. caller: how are you? host: fine, thanks. caller: do you not have a job to correct these people who call in? the man from south carolina, this is one of the biggest lies a man ever told. he was not raised but -- by two muslim fathers. he never met his father except one time in his life. you have to stop them from calling in and lying. as far as visions, yes, both of them have visions. the mitt romney vision is to embrace the paul ryan budget. looking at that, the want to take from older people who have worked. the tape from people who cannot get out of their homes. retired people. people without jobs, bringing meals to senior citizens. children getting hot meals. they want to take medicare and turn it into a voucher. mitt romney does not have anything
with cnn. he was the white house executive producer. he helped to launch the show " the world today." he 1 two and the awards. he -- he 1 two emmy awards. let us hear from a republican in texas. hello. caller: hello. what oversight is over this? who decides how we are portrayed overseas as americans? is the content regulated? hello my short that the way i am being representative -- how am i assured that the way i am being representative is accurate? guest: oversight is by the broadcasting board of governors. it is a bipartisan board appointed by the president, confirmed by the senate. there are quite to republicans and four democrats. the ninth member of the board is the secretary of state. whichever administration is in power at the time has the deciding vote on the broadcasting board of governors. they are very responsive to both the administration, as well as some members of congress. our budget is determined through the congress. the president proposes the co, the congress disposes. they have the opportunity to put conditions on the money that they do appropriate. as far as how america
to senator mitch mcconnell, leader of the republicans in the senate. he was on cnn's "state of the union" yesterday talking about this fiscal cliff. >> what we could do, what the house doll in week, i believe, is go ahead and extend the current tax rates for another year. that deals with part -- >> the president said he would veto that. >> the president shouldn't veto that. that is the same president who signed the very same thing two years ago with the argument to do otherwise to make the economy worse. >> i understand. >> the principle reason that we're having this economic strong what the government is doing to the private sector. the president keeps talking about public sector employees, unemployment in the public sector is 4.2%. we've got to get the private sector going. that's the only way you have job growth which creates revenue for the government. everything this administration has done, candy, has taken us in the wrong direction. mcconnell on mitch cnn yesterday. bill, independent caller from philadelphia. the newsou think about that the president plans to make a push today to
rigidhrow away. the study is mature country truly great. host: we saw a cnn peace earlier that said -- that acknowledged that america may not be the leader in some aspects whether it is education, or health care. is the third rail of american politics, they say america might not be the greatest country in the world. caller: i think it is very sad and it strikes me that it is juvenile. it is almost like little child who have to see their mother or father has a big god-like figure because they take care of them. in the world of adults, we can learn from people of other cultures. i want to mention to the person who said obama has lost our reputation, i travelled extensively. i was in nine countries last year and every one of them, people praised obama. he is very well-respected around the world. the people so unhappy with him, it is sad that have to be some negative when we have a president -- he is only one person. he is doing his best as far as i can tell to give his dignity as people. host: let's hear from maryland, a republican caller. caller: good morning. happy birthday to our co
representative mike rodgers and democratic senator dianne feinstein. on cnn state of the union, candy krollly talks with john hinken looper as well as arizona republican senator john mccain, he's expected to talk about gun control, on face the nation from cbs, bob schiffer talks with governor hicken looper, aurora colorado mayor steve hogan and new york city mayor michael bloomberg. he's expected to discuss the politics of gun control. all five network talk shows reair on c c-span radio, beginning at noon eastern time, with nbc's meet the press, at 1:00, it's abc's this week, 2:00 p.m., fox news sunday, 3:00, cnn state of the union and finally at 4:00 eastern, it's face the nation from cbs. you can listen to them all on c-span radio on 91fm in the washington, d.c. area. on xm, channel 119, listen on your blackberry, download as an app or go online to c-span >> it was about those men and women who are almost mortally injured in war who because of the huge advances that have been made in medical trauma treatment over the last ten years, never being saved, an incredible number of them
. host: this headline from cnn. this issue is something voters will be voting on. guest: it is a marathon. every mile will not decide the election, but opinions are foreign. i do not think that romney's religion is a central problem. in 2008, the american electorate showed they would vote for people who were unconventional. i think the romney problem stems from inability to connect and understand people. the interview that did not get a lot of attention but what was interesting was when he was hobbies.out his wife's cop her horse is in the land. he said he did not even know what day it was at. the normal voter looks for how a husband answers. that is the problem he has. he does not relate to people as a person or a human. he relates to people in getting the job done. guest: if you ask a key question, who will do a better job? in every poll, mitt romney leads by double digits. so all those components lead to a close race. this is exactly what we're talking about here which is everyone is going to get wrapped up in the day to day and it's going to be some good brace for barack obama, some g
:00 p.m. eastern. also, republican strategist karl rove. cnn estate of the union airs at 3:00 p.m. eastern. david axelrod. a massachusetts democrat. face the nation from cbs completes the lineup and there's at 4:00 p.m. eastern. republican paul ryan and then stephanie cutter. obama for american deputy campaign manager and kevin madden, senior adviser to the romney campaign. again, five talk shows beginning at noon eastern on meet the press. listen to them all on c-span2 radio. i find a sad -- find us at 90.1. or go online to >> this weekend. >> it does from the beginning of the nation right up to the president. that is important for us. we will reflect the larger story of american democracy. today at 7:00 p.m. eastern and specific. also, more from the contenders. our city of political figures that ran and lost the changed political history. he never ran for political office before ramming the nomination. he would never hold office. he would become an unlikely ally to fdr. at 7:30, this weekend on c- span3. "washington journal." host: the nation's governors are me
unnoticed. in my point, and i wrote a piece on the cnn website, if the top 1% lost 40% of their worth, we would have suspended habeas corpus. the supreme court would have been in session. it would be a tragedy we could not mention. the job creators, they lost 40% of their own worth. what will happen at the hamptons? the median family in this country lost 40% of its entire net worth in a two-year. , and nobody yawned. host: rick is on the phone. caller: i would imagine both of you are rich men, and neither of you have said what the income for the middle class should be. in florida, my wife and i make $70,000 a year. $70,000 in new york city would not make you middle class. guest: that is what we talk about. if i live in florida, and i have a condo that night alone, and i have $60,000, $7,000 in retirement income, and i'm going -- $70,000 in retirement income, i'm doing pretty good. if i am doing that in new york, i'm like the lady in cincinnati making $30,000. we address that in the book. guest: we are inclusive. income alone is $125,000 for a family of four, but we say income does not wor
in 2003, april 8, 2003. cnn talks about a reporter died earlier in the week when a u.s. air strike hit the network baghdad headquarters. going on to north carolina. independent calller. good morning. caller: good morning. i am so glad we have al jazeera. we got a lot of information about what is going on exactly in the country. i am very thankful to that. also, i would like to see if you guys can help a little bit in the country's where you have some type of competition going on, the kids who cannot work and do not have any means. maybe they can contribute in terms of giving you some other news that are going on in the country. for example, in africa. this is very close to america and europe, and they are restoring all of the very old vestiges of africa over there. we have extraordinary things, and they are destroying everything. these are just like drug addicts, because they do not know what they are doing. somebody has to do something over there. we talk about it more and more before it gets overhead. they are controlling drugs over there. they are controlling the weapons and resourc
a terrible thing. he is sending the wrong message that if you get rich, you are evil. host: that is from cnn yesterday with "the situation room." john sununu apologized for questioning the president to attack american is a winning into jobs. -- americanism when it came to jobs. caller: i do not like the idea that the mainstream media is not covering all of what is being said, especially mitt romney's site back. obama has been able to light and perpetuate all kinds of things because he has nothing to run on. it is sickening to me to see how can just make up lies and go with it. if you say it enough and do not hear the counter, people believe it. obama has insult to americans from the moment he took office. i predicted he would not put his hand on the bible. he did. he missed up the word . in the white house, he did not put his hand on the bible. it was no longer necessary. he has consulted police officers -- he has in so that police officers from the moment he took office. expect-othing to a suspec insulting. he has done nothing for our nation. he has trampled on the constitution. that is not
. this is from cnn and department of justice. if the poorest cannot get id, how can they get the vital services they need? cleveland, marty, republican, what do you say? caller: i think that opposition by democrats to these voter id cards, because they are playing the cheap. they want folks who shouldn't be voting to be voting. lack of voter identification is a way they cheat. black folks can do whatever they want to do. they can take advantage of every government program that's available. they can get in low income housing. they can sign up for obama phones and get welfare. they can do anything they want to do. they won't go vote. if the racist were opposed to black folks voting in the black and figure out all they had to do was require a voter id, they would have done it a long time. i don't believe this is an issue at all. there's no problem with low income folks. most old folks don't go to the polls anyway. they vote absentee at home. they wanted folks registering for driver's license to be able to register for to be able to vote at that time. now all a sudden, folks can't get id. that's
mac. isn't it amazing, i watched this on your -- on cnn constantly. they kept saying the republicans wanted them to do something about it and all senator dodd, one of anglo's friends he said that would be too hard and frank didn't want it either because he's the one who pushed this. so here's the thing that got us into it and those two slimes wouldn't do anything about it. senator dodd got his daddy's job when hall young was there. he's been is you canning off the. the presidents don't get it. don't know how the economy works and these are the guys in charge just like nancy pelosi and harry reid screaming for romney's tax records show us yours. and she says that's a different thing. yeah she gets to be one of the first for ipos and all the other things. the senate and the government that we need to see their tax records. these are the people making these laws just like these laws in health care. their staffers end up putting what's going in them. when they pass they did not know what was going into dodd frank. host: talk about some of the criticism that has come down on mr. dodd and
, which i did not think is a good idea? i watched c-span, cnn, fox, and msnbc and it seems like between the -- it is so clear to me how the republicans are distorting the truth and very seldom do i care to the democrats distorting the truth. but my biggest question is, with the grover norquist tax thing and going over the cliff, if you have ever watched lawrence o'donnell on msnbc, he is encouraging everyone to go over the cliff because of that will go away with the bush tax cuts and everybody would be the to vote to lower the tax rates like grover norquist likes. could you talk about the idea of going over the cliff as being a good idea question of guest: first, let me quickly addressed the issue of the payroll tax holiday. we are in our second year of that. social security actuary, a nonpartisan independent guy looks at that and said very conclusively that in no way will it affect the solvency of the social security system. the reason for that is, for every penny not flowing into the system through payroll taxes, the law provides that the general fund will compensate the social securi
, delaware, mike, go ahead. caller: thank you governor and thank you for cnn spavment. i wanted to let the governor know what's going on in my life. i'm in my late as, so is -- 50s, so is my wife, we're both unemployed. i'm a history teacher. now, i've been looking for a job for two years, and i can't find one, and people won't even call me back. that's what it's like for an older man or woman, trying to find a job in this economy. what's the governor got to say about that? thank you. guest: no question this is really what we've talked about earlier. although our unemployment rate is better than the national average the fact is we've got 30,000 people, including two in your household who are looking for work and this is why we've got to continue to be as focused as we can possibly be. first of all we've got to be focused on making sure we've got a nurturing environment where private sector companies employ more people and the side benefit of that important benefit is that it generates the tax revenues we need to make sure we continue to have teachers in the classroom. one thing i feel
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15